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VIDEO: Vital statistics for every B2B marketer inc. B2B Social Media stats

Vital statistics for every B2B marketer inc. B2B Social Media stats

Earnest would like you to use and abuse at your leisure… where possible the agency has tried to accurately cite the source and provide a link to the site where it came across the research. Here’s the references for this video. Enjoy!


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IDM Content Marketing Experiment: B2B Social Media Opportunities and Threats

The IDM is currently running a content marketing experiment today, there’s quite a few articles written by thought leading B2B marketers on a range of subjects. Check out John Bottom’s article on B2B social media opportunbities and threats. Here’s my thoughts on the B2B social media research conducted:

“Great synopsis regarding the future of social media from some senior B2B marketers. For me the main opportunity is social media opens up a new two way communication channel with customers, prospects, brand enthusiasts and influencers that transcend all parts of the business from marketing to sales to customer service. Although, I do think the main threat to social media is where it should live within an organisation, what function should take charge of social media? PR, Marketing, Customer Service, Legal etc? Whilst this is still undecided organisations are often running many diverse social media strategies or should I say social media tactics, which aren’t in sync with the brand messaging and goals and are often fragmented diluting the effort put into social media to create engagement.”

What do you think the B2B social media opportubities and threats are? Post your comments on my blog or on the main IDM page.

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