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10 Ways to Use Vine’s Six Second Video App in B2B

We’ve heard all the buzz about Twitter purchasing Vine, the six second video social networking platform, which is fast becoming Twitter’s raising star. So, you’re probably thinking what all the fuss about Vine is. Well, that’s exactly what people thought back in 2006 when Twitter emerged on the social landscape. In fact in this ever fast changing world content has to be delivered quickly and succinctly, and this is where the Vine App, a six second social video sharing app plays to this need perfectly. Here are few ideas on how you can utilise Vine:

  1. Develop a short brand video, showcasing your brand values and strap line.
  2. Create a brief customer reference video including a selection of your customers’ logos.
  3. Photo animation of customers with your products.
  4. Create a recruitment video with employees saying your strap line, then closing with a careers URL.
  5. Film a short six second infomercial on your organisation’s statistics.
  6. Whilst attending conferences, exhibitions and trade shows create a feel for the events with a short video.
  7. Shoot brief testimonials from your customers, partners and resellers.
  8. Short product demos can be shot plus use the #demo hashtag when uploading.
  9. Short how to guides plus use the #howto hashtag when uploading.
  10. Product launches can be unveiled in a six second video.

There are so many other opportunities for creating short videos. You are only limited by your own imagination, so what are you waiting for?! Please share your ideas in the comments box; I’d love to see these.

You can find my Vine videos by searching for me “Zoe Sands” or via my Twitter account @Zoe9.


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Vine App Explained and Tips

In this ever fast changing world content has to be delivered quickly and succinctly, the Vine App, a six second social video sharing app plays to this need perfectly. You don’t need to be the next Spielberg or Tarantino to create your short video clip on a continuous loop. All you need to do is point, shoot and upload, it couldn’t be easier. To help you get started the following explains how to use the Vine App, plus I have included a few tips:

  1.  “Home” shows; your timeline of videos you have created, Editor’s Picks, videos you have like and videos from people you are following.
  2. Make sure you use the appropriate #hashtag. You can find the most popular #hashtags by going to “Explore”. You can also search for people too.
  3. The “Activity” section details your videos, people who have started following you and who has liked your recent Vine posts.
  4. Make sure your Twitter profile is completed, as this data will be pulled across to your Vine “Profile”. If you don’t have a Twitter profile, then register for an account today.

Vine App Tips

  1. Keep your videos fun and simply. Don’t over complicate your shoot, remember you only have six seconds to get your message across.
  2. Check for lighting and hold your device steady, this will help make the video look more professional. Unless you are looking to create a six second “Blair Witch Project” masterpiece.
  3. Press the screen for six seconds to create a continuous video. To create a stop motion video tap the screen every time you want to move your static item until you have completed the motion. Once you are happy with your results press “next”.
  4. Add a caption for your video, be descriptive and add appropriate #hashtags.
  5. Add a location for your video, note this is powered by Foursquare.
  6. Upload your video and share on the Vine App, Twitter and Facebook to maximise exposure.
  7. Finally, promote your Vine video multiple times on your social profiles to increase views and likes.

You can find my Vine videos by searching for me “Zoe Sands” or via my Twitter account @Zoe9.

Vine is simply, so what’s stopping you from getting started?!

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VIDEO: Vital statistics for every B2B marketer inc. B2B Social Media stats

Vital statistics for every B2B marketer inc. B2B Social Media stats

Earnest would like you to use and abuse at your leisure… where possible the agency has tried to accurately cite the source and provide a link to the site where it came across the research. Here’s the references for this video. Enjoy!

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5 Tips for getting more Eyeballs on your Tweets

Here’s a list of five really helpful tips for getting the best return on your tweets and most reach:
  1. Timing: Research has shown that Tuesday is the most popular day for Twitter activity, accounting for 15.7% of total activity; followed by Wednesday (15.6%) and Friday (14.5%). During the day, the most Twitter activity appears between 11am to 3pm (EST)/6pm to 12 midnight (BST), which makes sense covering the US working day and evening activity for Europe. So, try to scheduling your tweets and identify when you are experiencing the most interaction, that is responses and retweets of your messaging.
  2. Repeat – Parroting: The vast majority of people on Twitter do not see every tweet from everyone they are following. They might check their tweet stream once or twice a day and rarely look back in time. Brands should not be afraid to re-share something that has already been tweeted. Try rewording the messaging and scheduling the same message at different times over two week period. You may find that you need to extend the timeframe for re-sharing important news items. Think about when B2C brands recall products, huge media buys with repeat messaging are often booked to gain as much reach as possible. Scheduling one tweet won’t get your message out, but don’t spam people with hundreads of variations of the same message, as they will unfollow your tweets. As long as you don’t repeatedly tweet the same message and over again, you won’t be viewed as spam. Remember you need to balance the frequency of the messaging.
  3. Keyword choice: Choose your words carefully and write your tweets with search optimisation in mind. However, try not to keyword stuff your messaging so it clearly looks like you are trying to gain a listing with the major search engines. Note that the most retweetable word is “you”. Other frequently used keywords are; Twitter, Google, Apple, Microsoft not surprising as these are firmly householder brands. Be sure to share how your tweet can help your followers directly – for example, special offers, legal notices, product launches, news and events. Note that “how tos”, “best practices” and “top 10 lists” get shared often and terms like “5, 10 or top” indicate that lists are popular.  Make sure your tweet has trending keywords or includes topical information that is relevant to your business that will help it be discovered for someone who is searching for interesting tweets.
  4. Linking: The study found that the presence of a link in a tweet increases the chance of being retweeted – 57% of retweets include links, which sends the reader on for further explanation and more added value. There are a number of shortening URL providers, the most popular link shorterning tool is, which can be used on it own or simply integrated into your preferred Twitter application. Shortening links add in terms of reporting and identify who has helped influence the spread of your messaging.
  5. Succint: If you want it shared don’t use the full 140 character limit in Twitter, keep it to around 120 characters or less to make it easy for retweeting. Otherwise your readers have to rewrite your tweets to retweet out to their networks. Short and Sweet is preferrable. Another tip to keep your character useage down for those retweeting your message is to have a shorter username this helps retweeting too, for example, my main Twitter ID is: @zoe9

Hope you found these tips of some use and benefit. Please add any of your hints and tips you would like to share in the comments box below.

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2010 Social Media Map

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My Top 10 Twitter Apps

Further to my first TwitCam test broadcast yesterday, here’s a list of my top 10 Twitter apps, which I think you will find useful:

1. Desktop App –TweetDeck, Twhirl and Seesmic use these apps to manage your Twitter feed effectively
2. Mobile App – TweetDeck, Twitterrific use these to tweet on the move from your mobile device
3. TwitPic – share pictures and photographs in Twitter with single sign on
4. Qik – share mobile videos in Twitter with single sign on
5. TwitCam – live video streaming in Twitter with single sign on
6. FriendorFollow – manage your followers and accounts you are following with single sign on
7. Twitter Search – access the latest news and events through realtime search on Twitter
8. TwitPoll – engage and manage live interaction with your followers by using polls and surveys
9. CoTweet – manage Twitter accounts easily with multiple users and accounts
10. TweetScan – monitors various microblogging platforms for a small fee

Hope you find my tips useful, if you use my top 10 list please add a link to my WordPress page, many thanks.

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