10 Ways to Use Vine’s Six Second Video App in B2B

We’ve heard all the buzz about Twitter purchasing Vine, the six second video social networking platform, which is fast becoming Twitter’s raising star. So, you’re probably thinking what all the fuss about Vine is. Well, that’s exactly what people thought back in 2006 when Twitter emerged on the social landscape. In fact in this ever fast changing world content has to be delivered quickly and succinctly, and this is where the Vine App, a six second social video sharing app plays to this need perfectly. Here are few ideas on how you can utilise Vine:

  1. Develop a short brand video, showcasing your brand values and strap line.
  2. Create a brief customer reference video including a selection of your customers’ logos.
  3. Photo animation of customers with your products.
  4. Create a recruitment video with employees saying your strap line, then closing with a careers URL.
  5. Film a short six second infomercial on your organisation’s statistics.
  6. Whilst attending conferences, exhibitions and trade shows create a feel for the events with a short video.
  7. Shoot brief testimonials from your customers, partners and resellers.
  8. Short product demos can be shot plus use the #demo hashtag when uploading.
  9. Short how to guides plus use the #howto hashtag when uploading.
  10. Product launches can be unveiled in a six second video.

There are so many other opportunities for creating short videos. You are only limited by your own imagination, so what are you waiting for?! Please share your ideas in the comments box; I’d love to see these.

You can find my Vine videos by searching for me “Zoe Sands” or via my Twitter account @Zoe9.


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